Senior Program Information

Welcome!    This is your first step to becoming a Senior Patroller or Senior Alpine Patroller.

The Senior program is a NSP education program which is administered by the regions under the guidance of the Central Division. This is NOT a local patrol program. Your local patrol will help prepare you in your journey to obtaining a Senior classification. Your success is our goal.

There are certain deadlines and requirements you must be aware of and meet along your journey and we will outline them below.

1. Discuss your intention to participate in Senior training with your Patrol Director. Per the Central Division Manual, “Senior Candidates must receive the recommendation of PD/PR before participation in Senior OEC (Senior Emergency Management -SEM) or Senior Ski/Snowboard evaluations.”

2. You must make application to the region with your intention by December 1st to be included in the current season pre-evaluation, on-hill evaluation and Senior Emergency Management (SEM) evaluation. This is a hard and fast deadline. You may make application either on-line, (, the website will be available in the fall until the December 1st deadline each year. Or obtain a hard copy application located at: You may use a hard copy application at any time during the year, however, applications received after the December 1st deadline will NOT be included until the next years ski season. A hard copy application MUST be maintained and updated by the Senior Candidate.  After completion of all requirements the form MUST be presented to your Patrol Representative or designee for signature and processing.  The Region Director may also sign the application for processing.

3. There are resources you need to read and understand that will help you along your journey. These are “The Senior Program Manual” and then depending on which Senior classification you wish to pursue, “The Senior Auxiliary Program Manual” or “The Senior Alpine Program Manual” Your understanding of the requirements is an important part of the process. The manuals can be found on the NSP Central Division website (, click on Programs. Senior information can also be found on the NSP website in the P&P manual.

4. The next steps are your responsibility! Your patrol will provide Senior specific training in Senior OEC (Senior Emergency Management). Your Patrol Director will direct you to the appropriate Instructor(s), skiing/snowboarding skills are enhanced to meet the Senior level criteria on Tuesday evenings and Senior tobogganing skills are enhanced on Sunday mornings. These skills are specifically discussed in the Senior manuals. With these skill sets in mind, again it is your responsibility to schedule your time and make as many training events as you can. You also are responsible for your success!

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