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OEC Challenge Course

Attention all Ski, Snowboard, and Bike Patrollers: the Eastern Michigan Region is gauging interest in running a modified OEC challenge specifically set up for EMT and Paramedics registered in the National Registry and also in the state of Michigan, to become Outdoor Emergency Care Technicians. Two years ago, our region conducted a modified challenge for three successful candidates. The modified challenge consists of taking an OEC Practical Test, along with a few training sessions beforehand. It does not require the written test, or the normal 12-16 week OEC course offered at our local Alpine Ski Patrols. If you know of an EMT or Paramedic, currently licensed in the state of Michigan, who might be interested in taking this modified challenge, please contact Rae Ruddy or Dave Boboltz Please note that no dates have been established as of this time.

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