NSP Covid Volunteering

  • We assisted at Oakland County Health Department mass vaccination sites, through our association with the Michigan Volunteer Registry and Homeland Secuirty

  • We "Patrolled" the recover area, and freed up nurses to give more shots

  • We worked 25 Mass events all over Oakland County in February, March and April

  • 41 different Patrollers volunteered, from all three Michigan Regions

  • The Patrollers are members of 8 Alpine Patrols, 1 Nordic Patrol and 2 Bike Patrols

  • These Patrollers volunteered over 670 total hours

  • 58,750 Vaccinations have been given a the events we worked

  • Our relationship with the health department was leveraged to make all Ski Patrollers in Oakland County recognized as "Medical First Responders" in vaccination priority Phase 1-A

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