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Mountain Bike Patrolling

It is nearly spring 2020, and with it comes the prospect of Mountain Biking, and Mountain Bike Patrolling. If members of the Eastern Michigan Region of the National Ski Patrol are interested in joining the National Mountain Bike Patrol of the Clinton River Area Mountain Biking Association (CRAMBA), or if members of our region know of people who might be interested, here is how you can join in the fun.

Members of this Patrol commit to at least 20 hours of bike patrolling of local trails each year, and also patrol at least two regional bike events such as MISCA (high school) Races, Mountain Bike Races, CRAMBA events, or rolling tours on local trails or in the city of Detroit.

Patrolling consists of riding your bike, and offering trail information, first aid skills, and rudimentary bike repair guidance to local riders. Our network of trails in our area includes Riverbends Park, Bloomer Park, Stony Creek Metropark, Addison Oaks County Park, Bald Mountain State Park, Pontiac Lake State Park, Holly State Park, the Paint Creek Trail, Clinton River Trail, Macomb-Orchard Trail, and many others. There are also opportunities west of Pontiac and west of US23 where patrollers ride.

There are two paths available in order to participate. The first path requires joining the National Ski Patrol, joining the CRAMBA Mountain Biking Chapter of IMBA, taking a community-based CPR class at the Shelby Township fire house #1 on  Sunday March 22, taking the ICS 100 course online from FEMA, taking the online and hands-on Outdoor First Care course, where the one-day hands-on session is on  Sunday April 5 in Shelby Township, and participating in the Bike Patroller Orientation and group ride in Shelby Township on  Sunday April 25.

If you are an current Ski Patroller with existing OEC Technician Card, the only two requirements are to attend the Bike Patroller Orientation and group ride on  Sunday April 25, and to join CRAMBA. If you have questions, please contact Patrol Director Jeremy Verbeke

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