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2023 NSP National BOD Election

The voting process will begin October 15th and will be open until December 1, 2023.

Dear Central Division Patrollers,

Your Division leadership team is proud of the fact that Patrollers from Central Division have been elected to the National Board of Directors on a regular basis. This year, there are five open spots on the Board and 11 candidates are seeking election.

Each of us has the ability to directly elect our National BOD from a broad list of candidates – but we must ALL fulfill our obligation to vote for the process to work. Usually, less than 10% of patrollers across the country voted. This 10% who elects the BOD, may or may not have voted for members who are most qualified and who understand the needs and concerns of patrollers in the Central Division or your personal priorities for the NSP.

The Central Division has traditionally voted higher than the national average, but we have heard many patrollers still fail to vote because there are too many candidates to choose from -- and the on-line candidate information is too cumbersome to digest.

To remedy this situation, the Central Division Board (the Division Director and the eight Regional Directors) and the Assistant Division Directors evaluated the National BOD candidates and are making their findings available to Central Division Patrollers.

This year’s eleven candidates were evaluated in the following areas:

  • Demonstrated successful leadership experience within the NSP

  • Patrolling experience and involvement in education programs

  • Demonstrated commitment to serve the strategic mission of the NSP

  • Vision for the future of the NSP

  • Relations with the ski industry and our partners

  • Commitment to dialogue with patrollers to promote learning and understand Patroller needs and issues

  • Leadership experience and other life skills outside the NSP

  • Vision for cost control and revenue enhancement initiatives

  • Brings a unique perspective to the BOD

We have tallied these evaluations and have identified the candidates that we feel are the “Most Qualified,” meaning that they best match the criteria that were established. Please feel free to use – or ignore – this perspective as you see fit. We are not trying to tell anyone how to vote. Nor is this a “single slate” or an “approved list” in any way. Your views will vary, and of course many of ours did as well.

We encourage you to read each candidates’ position statement, resume and application in the Members Services section on the NSP website (a link to this page is below.) Join into or listen to the Candidate call-in forums available on the National NSP website and on the Central Division website, then make up your own mind and vote for the five candidates of your choosing.

2023 NSP National BOD Election Candidates deemed “Most Qualified”

  • Lance Vaughan – Far West Division

  • Deb Endly – Central Division

  • Liz Dodge – Pacific Northwest Division

  • Joseph (Butch) MacQueen – Eastern Division

  • Jeff Wille – Rocky Mountain Division

The voting process will begin October 15th and will be open until December 1, 2023. It is available in the Member Services section on the website. If you have any trouble logging on (you will need a password and e-mail account), please contact your Patrol Director/Patrol Representative.

Thanks for your service to the skiing public and your commitment to play a part in the election of our National Ski Patrol leadership.

See you on the snow!

Your Central Division Board of Directors and Staff,

Division Director

Regional Directors

Asst. Division Directors

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