From Mike Schons, Region Director:

The season is running and everyone is out on the snow doing what we love to do!

There are a lot of educational events coming quickly starting after the first of the year.  I will try to list these in calendar order but first, the registration process.

First, go the region calendar (nspemr.org) and look for the event and location you wish to participate in.
Click on the event and it should open up the REGION registration process which is the electronic waiver.  You MUST reply to the auto-email (in your inbox) and confirm your registration for the waiver process to be complete.  The page should then return with directions for step two.

Step Two, go to the National website (nsp.org) and register for the course you wish to take.  It takes both parts of the process to complete your course registration.  The National Office will NOT let us link directly to them for security reasons

Information can be found on the Region website, www.nspemr.org.

January 6th at Mt. Brighton – Toboggan Enhancement Seminar (TES) Course code C100180002.
Open to any patroller wanting to improve their toboggan handling skills.

January 6th – Snowsports Enhancement (SES) Seminar.  Course number C100180001.  The course is structured for any patroller wishing to enhance their skiing or riding skills to the senior standard.

January 6th – Toboggan Instructors Continuing Education clinic.  Course number C004180001.  The CE courses are open for patrol IOR’s and I/T’s needing to meet their refresher requirement.

January 7th – Women’s Snowsports Seminar.  Course number C100180012.  This is designed for women only and taught women to improve your ski/ride skills.

January 13th – The TES and SES events will be held at Pine Knob along with Jamie Roell, Region Certified Advisor, hosting a Certified Awareness event.  Also at this event, Mike Taylor will be on site hosting a ski tune-up seminar.  Finally we will also hold another Toboggan Instructor CE course. Course numbers are as follows;
Toboggan Enhancement – C100180008
Snowsports Enhancement – C100180004
OET CE – C004180002

January 20th at Snowsnake Mtn. – There will be a TES / SES and another OET CE course.  The course numbers for Snowsnake are as follows;
TES – C100180009
SES – C100180005
OET CE – C004180003

Also on January 20th there is a Bumps and Steeps clinic for Senior Candidates to train with the region staff for the mogul portion of the Senior On-hill Evaluation.  This course number is – C100180003.  The course is set to run over three dates to give everyone an opportunity to gain confidence tobogganing in a mogul field.

January 27th is the Avalanche Module I class.  If any of you are considering pursuing the Certified Patroller classification, this is an important class as Avalanche is one of the modules in the program. If you are a Senior Candidate this course satisfies one of your senior electives.  We are currently getting the National number for this course so please be patient.  For Information on the course, please contact John Taylor at; taylorjo2@gmail.com

Basic Alpine Patroller Evaluations are now all scheduled with the first being Section III on January 28th.  Best of luck to all!

Saturday February 10th is the first Young Adult Patroller clinic to be held in our region.  The clinic will be held at Pine Knob.  For Information, please contact Cricket Nickolaou, EMR Young Adult Advisor at, cricketnick@aol.com

Senior on-hill pre-evaluation is scheduled on February 11th.  Senior Candidates, remember, you MUST be signed off by your training staff to participate in the pre-evaluation.

February 10th is the Nordic Ski Clinic at Independence Oaks, the contact is Jon, O’Dell, bikenski1@yahoo.com who can provide you with all information.  The Course numbers are as follows’
Nordic Ski – C283180001
Nordic Toboggan – C283780002

February 25th – Mountaineering 2 course number C283180003 will be held at Independence Oaks by the Division Mountaineering Supervisor, Jon O’Dell

Of course as always, please review the EMR calendar for dates, times, contacts and information.  The calendar can be found on our Eastern Michigan Region website, www.nspemr.org.

There are a couple more courses in the scheduling process.  There will be two OEC Enhancement courses which will take place either in January or early February.  You must complete two OEC Enhancement seminars to obtain one elective credit.  I will get these on the region calendar as soon as we confirm the dates and location.

Aid Room Module is being scheduled also.  This is a required course for folks who wish to become Senior Patrollers.  The course will be prior to the OEC for the Senior Module Evaluation which will be March 10th at Pine Knob.

Finally what is open for all now to register for is the Detroit Winter Blast.  If you have never participated, this is a blast!  The dates are January 26th through January 28th.  This year Boyne is holding a “Learn to Ski” event in downtown Detroit.  They have requested a minimum of 9 patrollers per day for each of the 3 days to help monitor the event.  This is also a great opportunity for us to show off what we are all about.  The website at nspemr.org is open and available for you to sign-up to work this event.

I plan to visit each resort in our region again this season and look forward to talking with all of you and listen to your concerns

Looking forward to seeing you on the hills!


Mike Schons

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