From Mike Schons, Region Director:

Hard to believe that it’s June and we need to start planning the new season!  The summer is flying by, at least for me.

This coming season we will again be offering a number of classes, both on and off-hill. Those however, will be for another newsletter.

I hope everyone got their magazine and refresher workbook from the National Office.  There is information in the latest issue on Bicycle patrols.  EMR is lucky to have three bike patrols located in our region.  This is a great opportunity to get in on mountain biking and utilize your OEC skills during the summer months.  If you are interested and need information, please contact Vito Manzella, EMR Bike Patrol Advisor at, vitoman@comcast.net

Coming up fast is the Central Division Meeting which will be held in the Wisconsin Dells, the weekend of September 7th through the 9th.  Now is the time to register for the event through the Central Division website, http://www.nspcentral.org.

Every patrol in the region has scheduled their refresher by now.  If you cannot make your local area refresher, or know you will have a conflict, please contact another patrol that helps meet your busy schedule.  You can find each scheduled refresher on the region calendar at nspemr.org.

If you’re interested in beginning your journey towards Senior Patroller or Senior Alpine Patroller, take the first step now!  You must notify your Patrol Director of your intentions to train for your Senior classification.  You can find information for the entire journey under the Senior program tab. Sign-up is now available under that tab also. We already have one person signed up as of this release!  Just an interesting fact, Eastern Michigan Region has had more folks register and test for their Senior classification, and we have added more Seniors than any other region in the Division for the last four years. I would personally love to see this trend continue.

If you are already a Senior Alpine Patroller with a minimum of five years on the patrol, and you really want to show your stuff all while learning to be the best at what we do, consider becoming a Certified Patroller.  This is an outstanding program!  This past season we added three new Certified Candidates into the program. For information please contact Jamie Roell at jvroell@comcast.net for further information.  Jamie is the Region Certified Advisor.

From the entire EMR staff, we wish the remainder of your summer be happy and healthy and we look forward to seeing serving all of you in the upcoming season.



Mike Schons

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