From Mike Schons, Region Director:

Well the season is about over and to me anyway, it closed quickly and was far too short!  Patrols have begun their year-end planning activities and filing out their administrative reports.

So in this short season how did we actually do in the Eastern Michigan Region?  The region held 3 Skiing, Snowboard and Toboggan Seminars there was a women’s only event.  Again we held the largest senior off hill OEC evaluation within the Central Division. I would like to thank the 85 people who spent their day helping put on this event.  I’d also like to thank Rae Ann Ruddy and Derek Werner for organizing and running this huge event.  Thank You!!

Speaking of Evaluations, congratulations to all the new patrollers, alpine patrollers, seniors and alpine seniors from all the patrols!  We added 2 new Senior Patrollers and 4 new Senior Alpine Patrollers.  Congratulations to all!

This past season we again utilized on-line registration and waiver signing for all region events. Since the National office changed course registration, this became a two step event and caused some confusion.  After numerous folks used the two processes several times, it eventually got easier.  No less confusing, but easier.  There is really nothing we can do as the National Office site will not let us link directly to their site.

Now looking forward!  There are a number of upcoming events and activities that you may wish to participate in.

First up is the EMR Awards Banquet.  This year the banquet will be held at Mt. Brighton.  Cocktail hour begins at 5:30 and dinner at 7:00pm. This is a great time to celebrate with your fellow patrollers and friends from other patrols around the region.  Sign-up is on our website (nspemr.org).  You will find it located on the right side of the screen and I have also provided a link here:  https://www.nspemr.org/home/emr-awards-banquet

There will be an Instructor Development class this spring.  If you wish to become an Instructor for any of the NSP programs, this is a mandatory first step.  Contact Jodie Fuller at JF4Seasons@aol.com for more information and course scheduling.

If you’re interested in beginning your journey towards Senior Patroller or Senior Alpine Patroller, take the first step now!  You must notify your Patrol Director of your intentions to train for your Senior classification.  You can find information for the entire journey under the Senior program tab within the region website. Sign-up is now available under that tab also.

If you are a Senior Alpine Patroller with a minimum of five years on the patrol, and you really want to show your stuff all while learning to be the best at what we do, consider becoming a Certified Patroller.  This is an outstanding program!  For information please contact Jamie Roell at jvroell@comcast.net for further information.

Finally I hope everyone had a great year and I, along with the entire EMR staff wish you a healthy and happy off-season.

We look forward to seeing you at your patrol banquets, the Region banquet, and on the hill next season!

Mike Schons

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