From Mike Schons, Region Director:

The season is now open with lots of events that are about to take place. 

January 7, 2017, The Division Skills team will be at Pine Knob conducting a Senior Evaluators Clinic.  If you see these folks on the slopes, please welcome them.

There will be a women’s only ski enhancement seminar held at Alpine Valley January 7th also.  This course will be taught by a PSIA Level III Instructor and Evaluator brought in by the region to work with just women!  Please go to the region Calendar for information and registration. Or, contact Nancy Trout, Region Women’s Advisor, at trout99@comcast.net for information.

So what’s coming next?  There are 3 ski and toboggan clinics and an Avalanche course planned in January.  Please check the region calendar for dates, times and information.

For those who wish to take their skills to the next level, Certified applications MUST be in by January 1st to participate in the qualification clinic this season.  Contact Jamie Roell at  jvroell@comcast.net for information.

This season we have 24 Senior Candidates!  Thanks to you, the membership, there is a strong desire to educate yourselves and advance your skills.  If you have questions concerning the Senior program, please ask your Patrol Director, or your Region Staff.  We are always available to answer questions or if you have concerns.

I keep mentioning the Eastern Michigan website for information.  The website can be found at nspemr.org.  To get to the calendar, click on the calendar tab near the top of the page, then, click on the event(s) you are interested in.

Now to address the unfortunate situation that occurred last weekend during the Division Clinic at Boyne Highlands.  Yes, there was a fire that is under intense investigation as reported.  This brings me to the point that affects us.  As patrollers, we are representatives of area management even when we are at another resort participating in a patrol event.  Posting photos of resort tragedy, chair evacuations, (even refreshers), evaluations or testing’s onto social media are strictly forbidden under Region, Division and NSP policies. These postings have a negative impact on the resorts that host us and the National Ski Patrol as a whole. Please be respectful of our resorts and fellow patrollers and avoid these types of postings.  If you have questions about a posting please contact me and we can discuss the issue and relevance within the context of the policy.

Finally with the holidays coming fast, the entire region staff and I would like to wish you a happy and healthy holiday season!

I look forward to seeing you on the hills!


Mike Schons

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